It seems like an endless cycle. How long will it be till people can see that violence is not the answer to violence? Even a limited violence, imposed on Syria by Western nations is likely to have negative effects throughout the region. It would be a natural response from our militaristic culture, but could prolong the evils for which, historically, we bear some responsibility.

The situation in Syria is now so terrible that an intervention by a United Nations force might be justified. However, for reasons of credibility and natural justice it would be imperative to exclude from such a force the British and American forces that are, and are seen to be, responsible for so much of the historical chaos of the Middle East.

The extreme irony that this emergency is taking place at the very time of the DSEi arms fair in London, where up to 28,000 will gather to participate in the evil trade that largely relies on, and indeed ferments, insecurity in the Middle East, will, we hope, be noticed.

Banner from London demo

Yesterday in London thousands of people demonstrated against any new act of war in Syria.

There are some times when, fortunately, MPs and Representatives can make a difference.

Please, US Congress, make it now.