Links to other organisations

National Justice and Peace Network – A network of agencies, fieldworkers, individuals and representatives from diocesan Justice and Peace commissions, to encourage work for Justice and Peace through open meetings, a national conference and e-bulletins for news, events, resources, articles, actions and petitions.

ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) – ICAN is a global campaign coalition working to mobilize people in all countries to inspire, persuade and pressure their governments to initiate and support negotiations for a treaty banning nuclear weapons. The campaign was launched in 2007, and is now active in more than 60 countries worldwide.

CCADD (Council on Christian Approaches to Defence and Disarmament) – CCADD acknowledges the widely differing views among Christians, on the use of military force and the Christian message of non-violence, bringing these views into dialogue with each other. It is a forum for expert debate and dissemination of ideas on contemporary issues, including: just war, terrorism, nuclear weapons and the ethics of deterrence.

Pax Christi UK – Pax Christi – Peace of Christ – is a gospel-based lay-inspired, peacemaking movement founded in the Catholic Church.  The major objectives are: reconciliation, promotion of a culture of peace and nonviolence, and  providing the means to bring about peace, e.g. through peace education, resources and training.

Action AWE – Action AWE (Atomic Weapons Eradication) is a grassroots campaign of nonviolent actions dedicated to halting nuclear weapons production at the Atomic Weapons Establishment factories at Aldermaston and Burghfield. Groups and individuals undertake autonomous actions to raise awareness of the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons and exert political pressure for Britain to end Trident and its replacement and to join other countries in negotiating a global treaty to ban nuclear weapons.

Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament – Christian CND is a specialist section of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.  Christian CND provides a focus for Christians who want to witness on the basis of their faith against nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, while also positively campaigning for peace.