The decision flowchart project

‘The most important moral choices ever to face mankind’

After more than 60 years in the shadow of global nuclear destruction we face the same arguments, the same entrenched positions as in 1945.

Here is a totally different approach, a way for people to explore, rationally, the logic of the arguments:

Nuclear morality flowchart project

Everyone in the world is threatened by the existence of nuclear weapons. Has anyone the right to wield such destructive power?

Everyone has a right to ask this question, and those who live in countries possessing nuclear weapons have a duty to answer it. It has to be a personal moral decision, because if you accept nuclear weapons for your defence, then morally you hold them in your own hands.

This is the website for the Morality of the Nuclear Deterrent flowchart – an analysis of deterrent morality configured as a ‘decision tree’ to help people decide where they stand and to make national decision makers more accountable.

To initiate, renew or maintain a nuclear deterrent, a nation has to make significant decisions. Is there, in every case, sufficient consideration of the ethical dimension of the decision? Is it reconcilable with the standards which underpin the social fabric of national life? All responsible citizens will give this urgent consideration.

The new on-line interactive version of the Nuclear Morality Flowchart enables you to resolve the ethics of nuclear deterrence, for yourself, right here, right now.

Complete the flowchart on-line

Work out and record your own solution to the flowchart on screen
(Currently available in English only.  Update: Simplified Chinese version under development.)

Download the flowchart as a PDF