Inadequate UK response to Hiroshima children

Update on what happened when Japanese children sent a gift of 1000 Origami cranes to David Cameron with a letter asking for him to support the proposed UN treaty to abolish nuclear weapons (see last post: Hiroshima Cranes):

Eventually the Hiroshima Youth Committee received a letter from the Ministry of Defence!

How sad that “The UK position” is still to “continue to work with the NPT” while the world can see that in most respects we continue to defy Article VI of the NPT (the commitment to disarm), starting on a new generation of Nuclear Weapons.

We have to assume that the PM has not seen this yet among the thousands of letters (and gifts?) that he receives. The responses from MOD and No.10 are effectively anonymous.  But how poor it would look to have a letter signed by a “Desk Officer” at the MOD alongside all the letters from presidents, prime ministers and the UN Secretary-General! (see responses so far at: )

We know Britain can do better.  So what to do next?

Among the ideas we have received so far is this:

I suggest that your organisation or CND ask local schools to make and send 1,000 cranes to Hiroshima with a thank you note for theirs to the PM. We know that the majority in our country want a nuclear-free world. If the Min of Defence reply to the youngsters proves to be inadequate, our young people can apologise for them.  Maybe Nick Clegg would have a Mr Nice day and thank the youngsters?

Anyone who can take this on please let us know.   And more ideas are welcome.

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